Young Americans for Liberty at Texas State Constitution Day

On Tuesday, September 17th 2013, “More than a dozen students gathered near the Fighting Stallions statue in the free speech section of The Quad Monday to rally against the nation’s involvement in Syria.”

This is the opening line on the front page article of the Texas State University newspaper, the University Star! Our chapter, after serious discussion and planning, was able to orchestrate a successful Peace Rally in the busiest section of campus. Our greatest accomplishment through this event was having the entire school of 35,000 students know our name after being covered in the school paper.

Instead of just handing out Constitutions for Constitution Day, we decided to run a dual event. While myself and other members of our group stood on a raised platform to proclaim our message, other chapter officers manned our table and doled out Constitutions and buttons bearing the peace sign and a heart. 


Throughout the 4-hour event, numerous students approached us and began to ask about our group and our motivations for holding the rally. While our members stood out in the Texas heat passing students would flash smiles and shout out words of thanks and praise, it is not every day that they have the chance to witness real activism. Several, inspired by our positive attitudes and smiles, decided to come and hold signs that we had made during the morning. More than a few took the bait and asked me about peace!


Not only did we have our members and other students joining our cause, but we were also able to reach out to members of the community who were sympathetic to our ideals. Many of them are politically active in one party or another and could not wait to join us in an effort to build a coalition on this common cause. They came out on a hot Tuesday afternoon with hand made signs to help us stand strong and Rally for the Constitution and Peace.


In the end, we were able to get more than a dozen new people on our email list and generate allot of excitement for our organization! We look forward to running similar events in the future and are glad to have the experience that comes with bringing people together for a common cause. Visit our Facebook page here for more amazing pictures of the event to truly understand how much fun we had and how successful we were. 

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