Young Americans for Liberty at UCF Host Incarceration Nation

During the first week of March, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Central Florida hosted Incarceration Nation to bring more attention to how America, “Home of the Free” is not as free as many may think. America has the largest prison population in the world – more than North Korea and China COMBINED! America has 5% of the total global population, but cages 25% of the total global prison population. Some of the reasons are due to the war on drugs, the number of laws that are still on the books and the number of new laws enacted per year (around 40,000), mandatory minimums, and the list unfortunately goes on…

Thanks to YAL National, who provide us with a materials stipend, we were able to build a jail cell to make our activism more effective.

Building Jail Cell

The day we went out to execute our activism, Rachel, a representative from Generation Opportunity decide to join in to help spread the word and table with us. Thanks again, Generation Opportunity!

Gen Opp & UCF YAL

Most of the members of the chapter used the question, “Are you a criminal?” to approach students. Many students raised their eyebrows and answered, “No,” right off the bat. After they finish the very short “Are You a Criminal Quiz” (and a little explaining about the situation in the U.S.) they realized how easy it is to become a criminal in America.

YAL member talking to student

Student & Jail Cell

While shedding light on this issue to fellow students, we told the story of Weldon Angelos. Many students sympathized with Weldon and felt the punishment given the him was very unfair. Many were also interested in signing the petition cards to reform the criminal justice system.

Student & Jail Cell 2

Student & Jail Cell 3

Overall, Incarceration Nation was very successful for the Young Americans for Liberty at UCF. We got support from many students and even professors. 

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