Young Americans for Liberty at UNC Charlotte – Spring 2015 Part 1

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte YAL chapter has had a very active first half of a semester. We started out the second day of the semester tabling in 13 degree weather, talking to whoever was crazy enough to brave the weather and converse with us.

First tabling

Multiple people stopped long enough to check out all of our free swag, and numerous people even filled out the signup sheet.

On January 14, UNCC held the Student Organization Showcase. YAL UNCC handed out various resources (like books and flyers) and held genuine conversations with many students. Cafeccino, a local coffee shop, generously donated coffee to share. The java’s pleasing aroma attracted quite a few people over to our table.

Spring drive

Another week, we hosted Alexander Miles from The Libre Initiative who spoke with us about the organization. He stressed how important it is to reach out to the Hispanic community with the message of economic freedom.


In the past few months, we continued to regularly table and promote the chapter, bringing in new faces nearly every week.


 Jared LeSage, our chapter’s former president, was invited to participate in an American Politics classroom panel for one hundred students. He debated the College Republican and College Democrat presidents in order to show the sensibility of libertarianism and how it ties together the best of Democrat and Republican philosophy, while rejecting each philosophy’s flaws. While there were many conflicts (as well as agreements) spoken and found between us, the most profound message we all agreed upon is that our youth generation needs to get involved in the discussion.


Our most recent promotion event was to use an idea presented by Professor Peter Jaworski in a Learn Liberty YouTube video. We took a couple of controversial goods or services and asked UNCC students on campus if they thought people should be allowed to sell them. Here are our results:

pushpin board

We’re planning many more activism events for the next couple of weeks, including everything from Incarceration Nation to a Unionized Hot Dog Stand. We look forward to giving more updates throughout the rest of the semester. Liberty is booming in Charlotte, stay tuned for more great things from this chapter! 

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