Young Americans for Liberty at UNM is a GO!

The YAL chapter at UNM before this semester was nearly dead, we didn’t have much of a foundation, nor a future to run with. I became involved with YAL when I tried to register for YALCon, and ever since then I’ve become President and strived to revive YAL at UNM and give it the necessary foundation to be successful. 


YAL at UNM started with tabling at Friday Night Live. FNL is essentially a big party for the incoming freshman and transfer students at UNM. There is a big dance, dinner, contests, and a student organization fair held in our Student Union Building (SUB). I figured this would be the best best to begin exposure for YAL. This was it. Everything I had learned at YALCon and a the Leadership Institute’s YLS was about to be put to the test. Before FNL, I used the almighty Facebook graph search and recruited one of the best Event Directors any organization could ask for! Our Events Director, Vivianne, helped me table at FNL, and we collected 44 signups in one evening. Not bad for a new club! 

After FNL, I held our first meeting that following Monday. In total, 12 people came to our meeting, and we established a core group of members who have taken on officer roles within the chapter. We had a representative from Students for Life who attended our meeting, and he really showed SFL’s willingness to build a coalition and work together on campus. That was great to have at our first meeting.


First Meeting

The same week, we had our second tabling event during Welcome Back Days. We tabled and began to reach out to other student organizations on campus, such as the Young Americans for Freedom and the Students for Life. We’ve began to foster a relationship with other student organizations and so far it has been a great experience. At our second tabling event we collected 15 signatures (we had a really bad spot), however we handed out a TON of Pocket Constitutions and a lot of flyers promoting our first on-campus event, NRA University. 

Welcome Back Days


NRA U was a program brought to the University of New Mexico in a joint partnership of Young Americans for Freedom, Young Americans for Liberty, and the UNM College Republicans. YAF and YAL really took the leadership of the event, and myself along with the Chairman and Treasurer of YAF distributed flyers promoting the event. YAF and YAL had a great turn out from our own members, and many students attended as well. During the event, we gained 10 additional signups specifically for YAL, and an additional 25 for the broader sign up sheet we sort of shared from the event. Overall, the event was a success. A new group (Students for Concealed Carry) is in the beginning stages now, and we look forward to working with them in the future. 



After NRA U, we’ve began to shift our attention to our next major event, the Drowning in Debt Dunk Tank. That event is coming up during Constitution Week (Next Week!), along with the Defending the Constitution tabling event, and our YAL hosted Debate Watch Party at Dave and Buster’s!

I’m excited for the future of Young Americans for Liberty here at the University of New Mexico. I’m excited to keep all of you informed of what we’re up to, and I’m VERY excited for our Debate Watch Party we’ve planned this Wednesday! 

NMSU was Chapter of the Year, well, we’re coming for you!!!

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