Young Americans for Liberty at UTSA Takes on the “Green Fee”

YAL at UTSA took on the “Green Monster” this week on campus. 

UTSA, like most other Texas universities, had a student government ballot  vote in which the student body could vote on allocating a fee to a green fund.  While we have NO problem going green, we do have a problem with people trying to take our money and spend it for us.  We encouraged voluntary donations over a mandate, and advocated for working within the existing budget of the University to cut cost.  The results are not in yet (will be on noon Monday), but the fight was a good one.  The fee has been pasted virtually everwhere, including Texas A&M, where students also fought the change. 

Come check out the pictures and what’s going on at an up and coming YAL chapter:  

Make UTSA Green WITHOUT a Fee

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