Young Americans for Liberty Brings Anti-War Ideals to University of Kansas

KU YAL members used a model to demonstrate drone usage.

Liberty is alive and well here at the University of Kansas! We at the KU Young Americans for Liberty held four successful events pertaining to the Generation of War project, and we were even featured by some local newspapers in doing so!

Our first event was held to spread awareness about veteran suicide and PTSD. Using data obtained from the Pentagon, YAL activists presented on how the war affects our troops at home and abroad via graphs and statistics while tabling on Wescoe Beach.

The next day, we tabled again, this time with the theme, “How does war affect me?” We outlined the effects on both our economy and our civil liberties as well as the tax burden placed on American citizens in order to fund the war. Using the information cards YAL National sent us, we were able to distribute information to anyone who stopped by—and many of them even signed up for our weekly updates!

After spring break, we held an event in front of Watson Library model drone lent to us by another liberty group in Kansas City. We highlighted the use of drones in the Middle East as well as here at home. You’d be amazed at how well the model attracted people to our table! It was scaled to one-half the size of an actual drone, so it really caught the eye and allowed us to engage even more people than our other tabling events before. We were featured by two different news organizations—Kansas Public Radio and WIBW—and our own Ryan Gash appeared on KPR radio because of the demonstration.

Our last Generation of War event was held with help from KU Ecumenical Campus Ministries and Lawrence Food Not Bombs. We partnered with these two organizations to provide homemade food and screen Body of War, a documentary about wounded veteran and anti-war activist Tomas Young after his return from serving in Iraq (if the name sounds familiar, a letter written by Young to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney went viral among anti-war groups last month).

YAL members eat delicious food provided by Food Not Bombs.

After eating the delicious food provided by Food Not Bombs, YAL’s own wounded veteran David Conway shared his experiences in the army with the crowd and led a discussion among attendees about the effects of war on our soldiers. We ended the night by showing the documentary in the ECM building and sticking around afterwards to make friends and find new recruits.

Our event at Ecumenical Campus Ministries attracted many people from the Lawrence community.

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