Young Americans for Liberty Brings the Constitution to the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago gets off to a late start. Being on the quarter system, freshman move-in day wasn’t until this past Sunday, meaning we couldn’t table and hand out Constitutions until after Constitution week. That means that I had to start wearing a jacket before the class of 2016 even had a chance to start college. Better late than never, however, as Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Chicago tabled on campus to pass out Constitutions and administer the “Orientation Week Constitution Diagnostic Test.”

Students Take the Quiz

More than 100 people took the quizzes and the accompanying Constitutions, and had their pop culture and Constitutional knowledge put to the test! Not everyone was there for the free stuff, however, as over 50 students signed up for our email list. Many students seemed excited about Young Americans for Liberty’s presence on campus and the prospect of advancing liberty at the place where fun comes to die! Students of all political persuasions were drawn to the chapter’s custom activism table, stopping to ask about YAL and sign up for our email list!

The YAL Table

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