Young Americans for Liberty debut at the University of Illinois-Springfield

YAL members at recruitment table.

Here at the University of Illinois-Springfield, we’ve established a new Young Americans for Liberty chapter! We hit the ground running second semester by taking part in the annual “Welcome Back Involvement Expo” on campus. We tabled at the event, offering stickers, flyers, and the political ideology quiz.  Many students stopped by to take the quiz and find out where they stood politically.  Some who took the quiz found themselves surprised at the results, however this led to several good discussions. 

We had success getting students’ contact information, often from people who had just found out about YAL. A hot topic of conversation was a proposed campus smoking ban. Our chapter has taken an active role in opposing this proposed ban and making other students aware of it.

After tabling at this event, we saw an increase in attendance at our latest meeting. Students were interested in countering smoking ban proposals and organizing a trip to a shooting range.  Overall, the future of liberty on our campus looks bright!

Student finding out if he supports liberty.

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