Young Americans for Liberty in the News

  • announces Ron Paul’s first visit to Iowa since his presidential campaign in 2008.  It’s sure to be a great event tonight, since Dr. Paul is“ is the only Republican who can bring out big crowds of college students.”  Indeed, the congressman himself expects a good crowd, saying “College students love to hear about personal liberty and personal freedom and personal choices and, of course, this whole idea of getting our troops home, they’re very receptive.”
  • Washington University YAL’s gulag display was taken down by the school administration for reasons which were flimsy at bestThe American Thinker takes issue with those who dubbed the display offensive:

    So let’s get this straight; students can spill fake blood all over the place when they are protesting war. They can hang presidents in effigy, chant obscene slogans, create “street theater” where they can equate American leaders with Hitler – but a memorial to the victims of a murderous ideology is “too offensive?

  • The gulag display was visited by ACORN activist James O’Keefe, and a local blogger got a short interview with him on citizen journalism (and he wrote about the event later on his blog):  
    Check out some more commentary and pictures on the event here and here.
  • The University of New Hampshire had an exciting speaker on campus recently:  bestselling author and Austrian economist Tom Woods came to speak last week.
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