Young Americans For Liberty Kutztown’s Generation of War.

President and VP

For Generation of War at Kutztown University we made a board displaying the total costs of war. We made the sign big enough and hoisted it high so that it was impossible for anyone walking by to miss. We were originally scheduled to be outside of the Student Union Building but were moved for a sorority event the same day. After 45 minutes of hectic running around, we were finally able to get this location and set up.

When we set up students walking would stop to read some of the statistics. Some of the students could not believe some of the numbers. We managed to engage and meet fellow libertarians and liberty-minded individuals who did not know and were excited there was a new club on campus that relates to their views. Every student who passed by was handed palm cards provided by YAL, as well as cards about Bradley Manning.

The Board

We felt that a lot of visual representations would attract students into the board and it did! We had many college liberals become angry at the sight of Obama and Hillary on the board, but we explained and tried our best to educate them on how Obama had continued GWB’s policies and expanded the drone program; additionally we added insights to Benghazi. 

One thing we tried to do was collect funds to create care packages to send over to Afghanistan for a former roommate of mine serving over there. Another collection was to donate money to Wounded Warriors for PTSD funding. Unfortunately, this could not happen due to a University Policy that would give the University control and donation rights of the money so that they could add it into their books for a tax break. It was truly sickening. 

All in all our first activism event went well at our new chapter. We look forward to building on this and beating the rest of you in the Spring Initiative!

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