Young Americans for Liberty takes over Harper!

The Crew

The Harper Community College chapter of YAL kicked off the year with a bang on Thursday, tabling at Hullabaloo, which is the schools day for students to get acquainted with the clubs and organizations at the campus. We coordinated with the Campus Activities Board to make sure that we would be placed next to the established and high demand clubs at Harper. We collected over seventy signatures from interested students — not bad for a club who does not even have recognition on the campus yet! We gathered far more signatures than any other club at the event.

The Table

That proves that building relationships with faculty and other organizations like campus activities board pays off! The club has not even been officially recognized yet and we are already planning events with the student activities office at school. We even got recognition for our table from Northwest Political Coalition, which is a local PAC, and from the local Republican Party; both organizations have assured us that they will be posting our pictures from the event on there respective web pages, and have offered to help us with our endeavors.

Poms for Liberty

This experience has taught us that building relationships on campus and within the community is key into making your YAL chapter a force to be reckoned with. Who would have known that the local Republican Party would support us? I sure didn’t, but you never will know until you make the effort to reach out and build the bridge to friendship.

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