Young Voters Becoming More Independent

indVoters are becoming more independent of conventional partisan politics, and young voters in particular are getting harder to squeeze into a red or blue box.

While many voters may feel they have to choose whether they are socially and economically “liberal” or socially and economically “conservative,” more and more young voters are deciding that they can pick and choose their values and how government should work irrespective of party platforms. As an indicator of this trend it look like young voters are abandoning Obama and Romney both:

Finally, in a head-to-head matchup with Romney, Obama wins only 41 percent support, a significant drop from actual votes from this group in 2008.

But the picture isn’t bright for Mitt Romney, either, says Harvard Institute of Politics polling director John Della Volpe:

Although this generation is not as supportive of President Obama and Democrats as they may have been in the historic 2008 campaign, this in no way implies that the Republican Party has successfully captured the hearts, minds, and votes of millennials.

“Millennials” are breaking the mold in other ways. This decline in partisanship is giving rise and prominence to world views previously kept on the margins.

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