Your Bill, Sir…

The YAL chapter at Ohio State braved the cold to get out and show their fellow students just how large the debt has become. A giant 20’ debt clock (which could be seen over three blocks away) helped drive the point home. 

Debt Sign

To help make the debt seem a little more personal, members of the chapter handed out IOU’s to the students walking by, to let them know just how much they owe the U.S.’s lenders. One student from China stopped by and asked if we had his money now. He was saddened to learn that the only thing available was free candy.

Handout IOU

The YAL at OSU chapter is following up this event with a meeting about solutions to the country’s debt next week. The presentation will go over just how the U.S. got into this mess and what are the options to get out. 

Table and Debt Sign

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