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So you’re a young political activist and you’ve decided to put your time and energy where your mouth is and actually shape the political environment by getting solid liberty-minded candidates into office, but you don’t know if you have what it takes or the tools you’ll need to run a winning campaign.

Just a year ago, I thought the same thing. I was just a college student who hadn’t ever managed a political campaign in his life, although I had knocked on more doors and made more phone calls than I can count for other candidates. So let’s just say, I had my doubts. But what’s the point of spending hours and hours in campaign management schools if you don’t ever put that knowledge to use?

So taking the advice of The Leadership Institute’s Steve Sutton, I “just [did] it” and agreed to manage a local city council race. I hit the ground running, putting all of my training into use and laid the foundation for a campaign that went on to win months later. Sadly, I had to step down from that position just as things were heating up so that I could accept a position with a 2012 presidential campaign, but the point is: I didn’t let my inexperience stop me and it paid off well in the end.
If you’re in a similar situations, keep reading!

Ultimately, campaigns come down to a key, continuous cycle: Identification, Contact, and Mobilization. This is the bread and butter of building your volunteer base and turning out voters to support your candidate.

This may seem like a truly daunting task if you’re running a local race and are working with limited financial resources. But that’s where organizations like American Majority and the folks behind Political Gravity are stepping in to completely revolutionize your ground game.

American Majority offers highly informative online training presentations that are hands down some of the most helpful “crash course” campaign boot camps found online today, and they are completely free to use! These dynamic presentations include lessons in:

And that’s just a small fraction of what American Majority offers!

After absorbing the lessons found in the links above, put them to use with the free software provided by Political Gravity. Their programs include:

The tools are there, but they are worthless without someone to use them. Maybe you’re thinking “but isn’t a little late in the game? Most campaigns are already in full swing.” Wrong! It’s never too late to prepare for the next race, or jump on board with a current campaign and help push it to victory. You might not realize it, but there is some sort of election happening at least once a week all over the country. Didn’t know that? Guess what, neither do most other people! That gives you a huge advantage in local politics. One well trained organizer can have a huge influence on communities of unaware citizens who would otherwise be left to the political wolves.
Get trained, get involved, and get your freedom back!

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