Your Life Your Right at SJU!

At Saint Joseph’s University, we launched the event, “Your Life Your Right”. We decided it was a great event to start before finals week in order to get students thinking about their rights to defend themselves. We set up shop right outside one of the main buildings on campus. As students left classes, we tried engaging them to take an interest in what our chapter was trying to advocate. We had a great time participating and even the students that passed by got to experience what our club is about.

When engaging with nearby students, they immediately began to understand why it is important to have the right to defend yourself. We handed out gator-skin balls and watched all the contestants have fun, but also learn about a great cause at the same time. During our activism event, we had our clipboard in hand ready for anyone interested in the YAL chapter at SJU. We had a few signups, but were successful in getting the word out there about this vital topic.

Our goal was to inform students that weapon-free zones do not protect a person from assault. It makes them defenseless and vulnerable. We explained the dodgeball-free zone was a representation of the dangers of banning weapons that can be used for self-defense. Most people that we came in contact with understand and agreed with what YAL was conveying to the public. Overall, it was a successful event and we look forward to informing more students in the future.

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