Your Life Your Right at SMCM!

The Young Americans for Liberty Chapter at St. Mary’s College of Maryland recently hosted our third activism event: Your Life, Your Right. We hoped to use the event to not only target gun-free zones, but to change our colleges’ draconian policies that ban tasers, and any knife that is over three inches in length. With the help of College Republicans, we tabled for a full three hours outside our colleges’ campus center.

The event, however, was not without controversy. Students, specifically those from a new leftist organization on campus and BSU, abhorred our push for self-defense policies on campus. Indeed, some of them verbally insulted us for promoting these type of policies. But we kept out cool and ended up having a good conservation with them. Unfortunately, there was little support for gun-free zones. As a small school of only 1600 people – most of them being far-left or moderate – it is unsurprising that we would get some backlash. Some people, moreover, believed that our dodgeball game wasn’t an appropriate way to address gun violence. Though we understood their complaints, they were very open to our explanation of the benefits of this game. 


Fortunately, people were very much willing to support the change in campus policies regarding tasers and three-inch knives. In fact, because of the broad support for these changes, Young Americans for Liberty and College Republicans are planning on suggesting the policy changes to the administration – though, knowing the administration head, our recommended policies are unlikely to come to fruition. Despite the opposition, YAL at SMCM plans to stand firmly for Liberty-minded policies on our campus!

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