Your Life Your Right at St. John’s University

On Thursday, December 1, the St. John’s University YAL Chapter hosted ‘Your Life Your Right.’ This was our Chapter’s second event of the year, the first being our fall recruitment drive. The club’s officers and I set up the event’s poster and materials during common hour, in a high traffic area. Almost immediately, the poster and materials caught the attention of a few students and we were able to talk about YAL, its mission, the event, and recruit them. Since we were not officially recognized at the time of the event, we could not set up a table, but instead we used an empty desk. We were able to distribute many materials and fill up a couple of pages of sign up sheets.

We held a successful follow up meeting after the event with our new prospective members. The SJU YAL Chapter still has a couple of hurdles to get by before we are official, but so far we have become a powerful voice for Liberty on campus through our activism events and recruitment drives. 

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