“Your Life. Your Right.” at University of Delaware

Last Wednesday the YAL chapter at University of Delaware held our Your Life. Your Right. event. We set up a table on The Green that we spread out all of our YAL swag on. We put some candy out on the table, but it was unseasonably warm so it all melted by the end of the day. We used our dank memes board to hold up the YLYR poster.  Behind the table we set up our Dodge ball-Free Zone.

As people walked by, we would ask them if they wanted to play dodge ball or asked them if they believed that they had rights to self defense. Once the people stopped, we’d engage in a game of dodge ball if they were interested. We asked them if they wanted to be a law-abiding citizen or a criminal. If they chose to be a criminal, they got to use a dodge ball; if they chose to be law-abiding, they were left defenseless. Also, we would ask them to answer the questions on the poster. I’m happy to report that we didn’t get any people that didn’t believe in a right to self-defense. That being said, there were a good amount of people that voiced their concerns about guns, but were for allowing students to carry mace and/or a taser. By the end of the event, we got 20 signatures on our petition. We will continue to work to get more signatures to encourage the university to allow the student body to defend ourselves. After signing the petition, we asked them to take a picture with the #NoMoreVictims sign. We found that many students weren’t aware of the restrictions that the University of Delaware puts on self defense. On that point alone, I would say that the event was successful.

We will have a chapter meeting tonight where I will lead a discussion on the rights to self defense and engage our chapter members to get involved. As usual, pizza will be served.

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