Your Life. Your Right. at Wichita State University

In 2012 the State of Kansas passed legislation that requires all public buildings to either provide security on sight or allow lawful concealed carry in the building. The idea is simple: either provide security or allow law abiding citizens to provide their own. This law also includes public universities; however, universities, including WSU, received an exemption until July 1, 2017. With this date swiftly approaching, college students all over the state are fearful of guns on campus.

At the current time, the weapons policy at WSU does not allow students to carry any type of firearm or taser. When YAL rolled out the Your Life. Your Right activism event, the WSU chapter acted swiftly to coordinate an event to start a discussion about responsible and lawful “campus carry.”

As we were setting up our table to start this discussion, news was rolling out of Ohio State University of an attack. The spurred several people to come to our table to speak with us about self-defense on campus. We were able to hold meaningful discussions with a variety of students about our #NoMoreVictims campaign and our right to self-defense.

We were fortunate to host one of the law makers behind the original legislation causing such a fuss in the state come as a speaker. We had several new prospective members come to our meeting and engage in our discussion.

As we gear up for the end of the university exemption in Kansas, we will continue to engage students in the discussion about their right to self-defense. We believe that the only way to ensure that there are #NoMoreVictims is the empower people to defend themselves in the way they best see fit. One victim is too many, and we’re committed to making sure there are #NoMoreVictims. After all, it’s YOUR Life, and it’s YOUR Right to defend it.

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