“Your Life, Your Right” Comes to Citrus College

On Wednesday, October 27, Young Americans for Liberty at Citrus College launched their first activism event: Your Life, Your Right! The day before the event, all of the executive members turned out to help recruit and sign people up, and they were able to get several individuals engaged. Conversations were had, and some students who were associated with YAL in the past were drawn in by the displayed-for-the-first-time YAL banner!

When the time came to play dodgeball, VP Adriana and ED Anthony took charge and reeled sideline students into the game-play where the competition got HEATED. After a little while, it became apparent that the violence needed to be regulated, so the chapter decided that they would restrict one side’s access to all the red balls, leaving them with only 1 green and 3 blue ones! Although these careful and cautious measures were taken, the violence still seemed to pervade the atmosphere; for this reason, YAL’s leadership thought that making one side a dodgeball-free zone would ensure the players’ safety.

Of course, these measures only served to make those in the dodgeball-free zone more vulnerable to the attacks of the other ill-intentioned side. As it started to dawn on everybody that a point was being made with the game, ED Anthony chimed in to explain the point that gun-control, like dodgeball-control, only makes victims of the innocent.  As Anthony described, he saw the “A-ha!” moments on many of their faces, and their interests had been piqued.

Finally, the chapter met the next day on Thursday to discuss how well the event went and what could be done to improve events like it in the future. The final step in the success of Citrus College’s “Your Right, Your Life” event will be to follow up and plan a social event for participants to get to know the chapter members. All in all, YAL at Citrus College is soaring and making itself known to its student body!

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