Your Life, Your Right: CSU San Marcos

Even as a new chapter that has yet to receive school recognition, YAL at CSU San Marcos decided to squeeze a Your Life, Your Right activism event in right before finals week. It was just my treasurer and me, but we really enjoyed ourselves, gained some tabling experience, and met some influential people who I believe will assist in the proliferation of our chapter.

At the end of the day, we only received ten sign-ups. However, I believe that this small list will yield more new members than our Free Speech Ball event did earlier this semester. During said event, we received about sixty sign-ups. Zero of those people ended up joining the chapter. They all loved free speech, but most didn’t agree with some of our other ideologies (i.e. gun control). Additionally, the event was so popular that I didn’t have as much time to connect and establish rapport with most of the prospects. But today was different. I had great conversations with those who signed up, and they really seemed to care about the necessity of the second amendment.

A good takeaway from this is that quality will always overshadow quantity for an organization such as ours. So don’t worry about filling all the rows in your sign-up sheets. Instead, focus on recruiting responsible, principled individuals with high ambitions.

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