Your Life, Your Right: Front Range Community College

Rather than doing one specific event, we did the ‘Your Life, Your Right’ event over the last week. I prepared a lesson for the handful of students who showed up to our second meeting this past Wednesday about how ineffective weapons bans have shown to be throughout history, according to the data. We also discussed the District of Columbia v. Heller supreme court ruling that outlined the fact that “arms” in the 2nd amendment includes knives and other more benign kinds of weapons that one could use for self-defense, and that our own student code of conduct was guilty of violating this fundamental right to self-protection.

On Thursday, David Scarpelli from The Leadership Institute came out to help me collect signatures on the petition. We collected multiple pages worth of signatures in just a couple of hours and had plenty of healthy conversations with people all over the political spectrum. Even more signatures were collected throughout the past week from my fellow classmates and students who feel that cons of these weapons bans outweigh the pros.

This was an overall successful operation. It seems that we’ve stirred up enough excitement and established our presence on the campus as a legitimate entity. I’m excited to see what will come of this in the following semesters.

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