‘Youth could lead alternative to GOP’

YAL in the news (albeit with some confused information about us and Students for Liberty — but it quotes me, so that’s always fun!):

Ten days ago, what was billed as the first debate among Republican presidential candidates took place, and though Herman Cain had a good line, it was the familiar Ron Paul who seemed the most thoughtful and principled of the bunch. Like February’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, however, the GOP’s establishment seemed to scoff at the Texas Congressman and his backers, ignoring what some say is the most dynamic force that’s growing in Republican ranks.

No, not the Tea Party.



Paul’s 2008 presidential organization, the Campaign for Liberty, did well in fund raising, though the GOP establishment convinced the corporate media he had no chance, so coverage faded to nothing. But his support continues. Not only did Paul win CPAC’s straw poll for the second consecutive year, the Campaign for Liberty transformed itself into Students for Liberty, which quadrupled its campus chapters to more than 400 this year. They are a far cry from groups such as the Young Americans for Freedom (founded in 1960 by disappointed Goldwater supporters) and the establishment wannabes, the College Republicans….

Bonnie Kristian, communications director for the Young Americans for Liberty, another Paul offshoot, told John Glaser of The American Conservative magazine, “All we’ve seen is ever-growing debt, war, abuse of our civil liberties, corruption, corporatism, misery-inducing monetary policy, and general irresponsible growth of government. It isn’t difficult for us to understand the two major parties do not have our best interests in mind.”

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