Youth more radically opposed to present government than tea parties, poll finds

Rawstory reports:

Predictions of a youth uprising sweeping the United States in 2011 appear to be turning increasingly true, according to a recent poll….

A full 17 percent of those ages 18-29 said yes, that violence [against government] would be justified, while a further 15 percent were not “not sure.” Granted, while those figures come out to a clear majority of young people — 68 percent — saying violence is not justified, it also means that 32 percent either disagree or haven’t made up their minds….

Speaking to Russia Today recently, trends analyst Gerald Celente — who predicted the 2008 economic collapse far in advance — suggested that a youth uprising is inevitable thanks to the emergence of a new kind of journalism that values full disclosure over other goals.

YAL absolutely doesn’t advocate violence, of course, but if you find yourself among the extremely disatisfied youth the poll describes, check out our Year of Youth project, which is definitely a “youth uprising sweeping the United States in 2011” — and 2012 and beyond.

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