YSU YAL Chapter Given a Surprise $2000 Protest Bill

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Youngstown State University in Ohio joined Ohioans for Concealed Carry, a local gun rights group, to protest a nearby town’s ban on gun sales within city limits.  They picked out a location, did their research, found out they wouldn’t need a permit for their peaceful event, and began a publicity campaign.

But all that planning appeared to be for naught.  The local police station — a strong supporter of the draconian gun sales law — changed its position, deciding that an event which originally required no fee or permit would now cost the YAL chapter $2000:

Varg Freeborn, the YSU chapter’s president, said Tuesday that the city police chief has ordered the group to pay $2,000 for four to six police officers to work at the rally.

Freeborn said the group is withdrawing its request for a permit to have the rally because it doesn’t have the money….

Freeborn said they were told last week by city officials that there would be no fees or permits associated with the rally, but Tuesday, they were told about having to pay the $2,000.

“We promoted it, and now today, they tell us that per the chief, it’s $2,000 for four to six police officers for one to two hours,” he said.

Freeborn has since reported that his chapter has negotiated the fee down to $480 and plans to move ahead with the protest.  Read the full news story on the situation here (Note:  This doesn’t include the update on the lower — though still outrageous — fee, and it’s fair to say the situation has changed considerably since then.  But the article is still good background information).

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