Teefury.com is a site specializing in selling one artist-designed shirt a day for an extremely modest fee ($11 for a shirt shipped). Think of it as a more designer-friendly shirt.woot.com.

Today’s shirt, affectionately dubbed “Zombama Brains” features the undead leader in a now iconic pose.

In the artist’s words:

There are many possible meanings and interpretations of this design, but if you’re assigning some sort of racist, hate-filled vibe to it, then I suggest you take a long walk off a short pier.  This is a commentary about rabid Obama fan-mania coupled with his missteps as a new leader, as well as a commentary about appropriation art.  I’ll leave the details up to your imagination.

Even if you’re not an Obama-basher, this particular design might catch your eye- at the very least it’ll start a conversation about the zombie-inducing charisma of our duly elected leader, which is unfortunately prevalent among us young folks.

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