Zombie Founding Fathers Warn of Dollar Crash

German Mark
This Halloween, University of Kansas Young Americans for Liberty invaded campus as rotting corpses and creepy ghouls to illustrate a similarly ailing dollar.  They were assisted by a zombie horde of founding fathers and Death himself who stalked the Graveyard of Fiat Currencies.  The Zimbabwe dollar, Yugoslav Dinar, and the German Mark were represented on tombstones which illustrated the frailty of any nations currency as students passed out information on how an essential role of government should be to ensure sound currency.

Passersbys were given “zombie money” that featured images of Ben Bernanke and the 100-year chart of the declining dollar.  Students were then encouraged to spend their “money” on campus to buy lunch or other goods.  Some perplexed students challenged the value of the ghoulish dollar as “not being real money because it was just paper.”

YAL members were able to relate the decline in the value of the dollar over time by showing the inflation of products from 1913 (after the creation of the Federal Reserve and their mandate to secure the dollar) to today. 

Some students were shocked to hear how the price of a loaf of bread had risen from 10 cents to $2.50 or a gallon of gas from 3 cents to over $3.



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