Make Liberty Win Poster


This is Young Americans for Liberty’s call to action. Speaking about the issues and hosting events is a necessary precursor to instituting change but, by itself, it is insufficient. Since 2008, YAL has mobilized students to get candidates elected to state level offices and force schools to rescind their unconstitutional free speech policies. To date, we have gotten 176 candidates elected, have overturned 77 free speech zones, and are now working on abolishing tyrannical mandates, pepper spray bans, dry campuses, and more. Make Liberty Win encourages students to be active participants in their state and local governments, standing up for the inalienable rights of all Americans. By 2022, we will have built a bench of 250 liberty warriors, all of whom will continue fighting for free speech, constitutional carry, right to work legislation, and school choice.

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Make Liberty Win Poster

11" x 17" Foam Core Sign, 11" x 17" Poster Paper Sign