YAL President, Cliff Maloney, published an oped on Fox News regarding gun control in the failed socialist state of Venezuela. Please read below:

Venezuela is on fire.

The country’s collapse under President Nicolas Maduro is now considered to be the worst in decades. Opposition leader Juan Guaidó’s deputy remains in prison following his detainment just weeks ago. Millions of refugees, meanwhile, have fled the country for nearby Colombia, where life is far from perfect. Peace talks in Norway are ongoing, but unlikely to accomplish their goal.

There are many variables that led to this horrific chapter in Venezuela’s history, but before we dive into the what, we need to discuss the how.

Simply put: gun control.

In 2012, the Venezuelan National Assembly – under Hugo Chavez’s dictatorship – enacted the “Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law” in an attempt to “disarm all citizens.” The law explicitly banned the exchange of firearms and ammunition to all with the exception of government entities.

After the ban, gun store owners were restricted to selling fishing supplies. Any type of weaponry (even a slingshot) was prohibited, while air-soft guns and BB ammunition were reserved for military officers and police.

This is no coincidence: An excessively empowered government means a depressingly disempowered citizenry – in South America and beyond.

You can read the full article on Fox News by clicking here.