Lauren Daugherty, Chief Executive Officer

Lauren Daugherty

Chief Executive Officer

Sean Themea, Chief of Staff

Sean Themea

Chief of Staff

Brendan Steinhauser

Chief Strategy Officer

Aaron Droba

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Taylor, VP of Campus

Daniel Taylor

VP of Campus

Brandon Borke, Interim VP of Development

Brandon Borke

VP of Development

Ted Patterson, VP of Policy

Ted Patterson

VP of Policy

Kathryn Brackbill, VP of Operations

Kathryn Brackbill

VP of Operations

Angelo Veltri

Northeast Regional Director

Anthony Rosario

Partnerships Manager

Anton Mirzayants

Midwest Deputy Regional Director

Bethany Young

Grassroots Director

Brandon Williamson, Communications Associate

Brandon Williamson

Director of Social Media

Carter Quill

Director of Media Relations

Daniel Gonzalez-Allende, South Deputy Regional Director

Daniel Gonzalez-Allende-Barr

Student Rights Strategist

Daniel Stuart

Hazlitt Action Director

Danny Krpata

West Deputy Regional Director

Devon McVey

Midwest Deputy Regional Director

Dylan Oliver

Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

Emmanual Tapiero

South Deputy Regional Director

Heather Fazio, Policy Director

Heather Fazio

Policy Director

Ian Escalante, South Regional Director

Ian Escalante

South Regional Director

Jacob Tourville, Midwest Regional Director

Jacob Tourville

Director of Campus

Jared Lesage, Foundations Officer

Jared LeSage

Director of Donor Communications

Jen Maffessanti


J.P. Kirby, Director of Free Speech

JP Kirby

Director of Student Rights

Justin Jackson, West Regional Director

Justin Jackson

Grassroots Associate

Logan Few

Mid-Atlantic Deputy Regional Director

Matthew Dunmire

Midwest Regional Director

Patrick Neville

Policy Manager

Peyton Hornberger, Northeast Regional Director

Peyton Hornberger

Communications Director

Philip Parker

CRM Manager

Rachel Alajian

West Regional Director

Robin Grammer, Hazlitt Coalition Program Manager

Robin Grammer

Hazlitt Coalition Director

Ryan Jacoby, Development Specialist

Ryan Jacoby

Development Specialist

Stephen Carter

Director of Special Projects