YAL Opposes Michigan Gun Control Bills, Contacts Lawmakers

Ahead of tomorrow’s gun control rally at the Michigan State Capitol, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth liberty organization—is speaking out against the slew of anti-gun bills that Democrats have introduced in recent months. In response, YAL is taking action by contacting state Sens. Kevin Hertel, Mark Huizenga, Veronica Klinefelt, Kristen McDonald Rivet, and Michael Webber, urging them to oppose gun control.

The anti-gun bills under consideration can be found below:

  • HB 4138: Expands Michigan’s “permit to purchase” law from handguns to all firearms
  • HB 4146: Prohibits the issue of gun permits to any person with an ERPO
  • HB 4145: Institutes extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs) and red flag gun confiscation
  • HB 4144: Creates new firearm storage requirements
  • HB 4142: Prohibits people from transferring or selling firearms without a license through enhanced penalties

Below is a statement from YAL Chief of Staff Sean Themea:

“States that have the strictest gun control laws are some of the most violent and dangerous places in the country—just look at Illinois. There is no excuse for Michigan elected officials to bow to the gun control mob, and YAL will do our part to remind these state senators that compromising on their constituents’ right to self-defense comes with consequences.”