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In January 2018, YAL launched Operation Win at the Door.

The goal of Operation Win at the Door was simple: to elect 250 legislators who share our commitment to liberty. We achieved this ambitious goal in 2022, and now have more than 320 members of the Hazlitt Coalition!

This will be accomplished by deploying teams of youth activists to campaigns nationwide, who can knock doors and engage with voters directly.

Operation Win at the Door has knocked on over 3.8 million doors and made nearly 6 million phone calls to voters!

Apply for Legislative and Election Coordinator Positions


Sponsor a Door Knocker

With Operation Win at the Door, we provide our teams with all the resources they need to make liberty win. Your support will ensure that our young activists have food, housing, and fuel to keep our movement going. Donate Now!

Refer Someone to a Liberty Candidate Academy

YAL is constantly seeking new heroes of liberty. Perhaps you know someone who has answered the call to run for public office. Take action now by referring someone. Refer!

Official Candidate Survey

Candidates who wish to fill out our survey directly can find it here: Download Survey!

Future Candidates

Are you ready to take the plunge? Whether you are in the early stages of your campaign or are thinking about running in the next six years, alert YAL now that you are serious about making liberty win. Fill out the form at the link below to get on YAL’s radar and get connected with our Liberty Candidate Academies. Alert YAL!

Apply to be an Election Coordinator

As an Election Coordinator, you will be among the liberty warriors on the front lines. Election Coordinators carry the message of liberty directly to the voters. In addition to a starting compensation of $2,300/month, E.C.’s may receive free housing and fuel. Are you ready to travel the country and get to work? Apply Here!

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