Student Rights Campaign

Student Rights Campaign

Young Americans for Liberty’s Student Rights Campaign (SRC) is how we fight back against tyrannical policies on campuses that limit students’ natural rights and show clear abuse of administrative power. We do this by empowering students to follow our 5 step plan for policy change on campus.

  1. Identify the policy
  2. Identify student leadership
  3. Collect petitions
  4. Deliver petitions
  5. Activate petitions

The 5 step plan is simple but effective. We have won over 100 policy fights on college campuses ranging from privacy violations in times of COVID tyranny to restoring the right to non-lethal self-defense on campus to our notorious Fight for Free Speech, where the First Amendment is restored to college students. The Student Rights Campaign has restored the rights to over 2 million students nationwide.

Contact to learn more about changing a policy on your campus.


Report a Policy

Report a Policy on Your Campus

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