Our vision is to build a bench of 250 liberty legislators by the end of 2022 at the state level who will advance a libertarian philosophy, ascend to higher office, and reclaim the direction of our government.


Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is the most active and effective libertarian youth organization advancing liberty on campus and in American electoral politics. Our four-step mission is to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists to make liberty win.

    1) Identify Youth Leaders through YAL’s Grassroots Field Program

Achieving our mission begins by building the youth army for liberty. By organizing YAL chapters on campus, we are able to identify youth activists who are open to the ideas of liberty.

    2) Educate through On-Campus Activism Events

We then help these chapters grow and educate their members in the philosophy of liberty. YAL provides educational resources to students on campus and organizes major events where members can come learn from experts on libertarian philosophy.

    3) Train YAL Members in How to Make Liberty Win

At YAL’s major training events, activists learn everything they need to know in order to effectively advance the ideas of liberty including:

  • How to grow their chapters on campus
  • How to be effective communicators and organizers for liberty
  • How to run effective campaigns and get out the vote
  • How to win as a liberty candidate running for public office

    4) Mobilize through Operation Win at the Door

Through Operation Win at the Door, YAL identifies and endorses principled and viable candidates who are running for state legislative seats. Once we endorse a candidate, we mobilize teams of our youth activists to flood an electoral district and make three door knocking passes to help tip the scales in favor of the liberty candidate.

In 2018, our youth activists knocked on over 1 million doors, electing 37 liberty legislators in state legislatures across the country.

Getting liberty candidates elected is not valuable unless these leaders can remain principled under pressure and be effective at passing liberty legislation once elected. To that end, YAL has created the Hazlitt Policy Center.

The center exists to unify its members, to hold these leaders accountable, and to provide training and resources that make these champions more effective in their state legislatures and more apt to ascend to higher office.

Support YAL’s Work to Restore Liberty

At YAL, we are dedicated to making liberty win, and we will not stop until our goals are met, but this will not be possible without your help.

A contribution of $100, $50, or even $25 will go a long way towards creating a freer tomorrow.

Thank you in advance for your investment in YAL.

You can also donate Bitcoin to YAL’s wallet address: 1jxxBWuwkdE3Fyeu8DpZ9rUx3Gv3c7VoX

Ron Paul’s Endorsement

“This past presidential season I saw a renewed enthusiasm from our country’s youth. An excitement for liberty gripped the college campuses unlike I have ever seen before…”

Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Endorsement

“The young people at Young Americans for liberty understand better than any other group in the United States of America what the founding freedoms have meant and what they should mean today, and they are prepared to put into action their understanding and their beliefs.”

Rand Paul’s Endorsement

“Young Americans for Liberty is the most important youth organization in the country. They are our best chance at winning the hearts and minds of the next generation.”

Glenn “Kane” Jacob’s Endorsement

“Thanks to YAL, the spirit of Liberty is alive and well among our young people. I am incredibly excited about the future, and cannot wait to see all the great things that this generation of Liberty-minded leaders will accomplish!”

Karith Foster’s Endorsement

“I spoke at the 2016 YAL National Convention and the student leaders in the room gave me hope for the future of America. They endorse open dialogue and debate and stand firm to defend free speech.”

Julie Borowski’s Endorsement

“Young Americans for Liberty is one of the best organizations in the liberty movement. They have taught me how to become a more effective activist for liberty.”

Congressman Thomas Massie’s Endorsement

“Young Americans for Liberty is the premiere youth organization when it comes to the fight for our liberties. With hundreds of chapters across the United States, they educate hundreds of thousands of students on the principles of freedom. They are our best hope at creating a generation that respects the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

Jim Lark’s Endorsement

“Young Americans for Liberty are doing tremendous work to find, train, and empower Libertarian students on campus. As one who has labored for many years to build the Libertarian movement on campus, I greatly appreciate YAL’s efforts and accomplishments, and I look forward to even greater success from them.”

Molly Gill’s Endorsement

“Young Americans for Liberty is mobilizing the next generation to support sentencing and criminal justice reform. They’re taking their name literally and helping people understand that we’re not free when we have too many of the wrong people in prison for too long.”

Jeff Deist’s Endorsement

“Young Americans for Liberty, born out of Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns, does vitally important work. YAL is on the front lines at universities across America, fighting against collectivist indoctrination and PC intimidation. It’s the most uncompromising and principled student organization in the country.”

Larry Reed’s Endorsement

“Among the ranks of Young Americans for Liberty today are men and women who will make history tomorrow. They will be in the vanguard to restore a free and civil society that is united by personal character and a government limited to protecting peace and freedom.”

Bill Frezza’s Endorsement

“Rescuing our future requires arming young people with the ideas they will need to clean up the messes we Baby Boomers left them. Young Americans for Liberty is best equipped for the job.”

YAL History

YAL Chapter Growth


Facebook Likes
State Chairs
Activists Trained

YAL Chapter Growth


Facebook Likes
State Chairs
Activists Trained

YAL Chapter Growth


Facebook Likes
State Chairs
Activists Trained

YAL Chapter Growth


Facebook Likes
State Chairs
Activists Trained

Meet the Staff

Cliff Maloney Jr.


Justin Greiss

Vice President of Mobilization

Sean Themea

Vice President of Development

Daniel Taylor

National Field Director

Ted Patterson

Director of Policy

Kathryn Brackbill

Director of Operations

Alex Staudt

Major Gifts Officer

JP Kirby

Director of Free Speech

Kelsey Carroll

Digital Media Director

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Director of Public Relations

Ian Brennan

Great Plains Regional Director

Heath DeGaramo

Midwest Regional Director

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Stuart Hench

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Ryan Jacoby

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Grassroots Director

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Jared LeSage

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Daniel Stuart

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