The New Hampshire Story

New Hampshire is home to 71 Operation Win at the Door victories, which is about a fifth of the entire State Legislature. New Hampshire is known as the “Live Free or Die State” and lives up to its name. One of the things that allows liberty to be so prosperous in New Hampshire is New Hampshire’s unique State House, which has 400 members. It is the 3rd largest body of legislature in the world, for a state that only has a population of about 1.4 million people.

With such a high degree of representation, organizations that utilize the grassroots can be very effective, with only a few activists per district. This model of state legislature allows liberty to prosper.

Here are all 71 of our Operation Win at the Door elected legislators.

Glen Aldrich

Keith Ammon

Aidan Ankarberg

Kevin Avard

Glenn Bailey

Timmy Baxter

Harry Bean

Cody Belanger

Lex Berezhny

Ross Berry

Alan Bershtein

David Binford

Melissa Blasek

John Burt

Kevin Craig

Leah Cushman

Gary Daniels

Jess Edwards

Oliver Ford

William Foster

Bob Greene

Gerry Griffin

Tina Harley

Sue Homola

Dawn Johnson

Thomas Kaczynski

Niki Kelsey

Jim Kofalt

Erica Layon

Alicia Lekas

Tony Lekas

John Lewicke

David Love

Mark McLean

Jeanine Notter

Hershel Nunez

Travis O’Hara

Lynne Ober

Russ Ober

Jason Osborne

Diane Pauer

Tony Piemonte

Lisa Post

Andrew Prout

Andrew Renzullo

Andrew Renzullo

Kim Rice

Rosemary Russell

Matthew Santonastaso

Brian Seaworth

Norm Silber

Tammy Simmons

Denise Smith

Julius Soti

James Spillane

Mike Sylvia

Lindsay Tausch

Chris True

Len Turcotte

Jordan Ulery

Kevin Verville

Michael Vose

Mark Warden

Michael Yakubovich