UHart Students Hold Rally Protesting Self-Defense Ban

As part of Young Americans for Liberty’s (YAL) broader fight to uphold self-defense rights on college campuses, dozens of students at the University of Hartford (UHart) held a rally today protesting the school’s pepper spray and taser ban. Part of the nation’s most active youth liberty organization, YAL student activists at UHart are also circulating a pro-self-defense petition that has gained more than 400 signatures—over one-tenth of the entire student body (see here).

This semester, YAL is taking on more than 45 new campus fights, mobilizing thousands of student activists across America. YAL’s primary goal will be to leverage its “Student Rights Campaigns” (SRCs) in fighting tyranny and advancing the cause of liberty at colleges and universities where constitutional rights are currently threatened. This includes UHart, where the administration is undermining students’ right to defend themselves.

Below is a statement from Anthony Pecoraro, YAL’s Connecticut state chair:

“I’m very excited about our upcoming petition delivery at the University of Hartford. Our goal is to change UHart’s Weapons Policy to allow pepper spray and tasers, effectively restoring students’ rights to self-defense on campus. I’m incredibly proud of the work the activists at Uhart have put into this fight.”

Here is a statement from JP Kirby, YAL’s director of student rights:

“Over the past year, students in Connecticut have shown that they are tired of standing by and handing over their rights. Our activists are trained and prepared to fight for their rights as long as it takes. University of Hartford should recognize their responsibility to student safety and quickly return the right to self-defense back to the students.”

And here is a statement from Daniel Gonzalez-Allende, YAL’s student rights strategist:

“The safety of students shouldn’t be a subject that requires discussion, and University of Hartford students will continue to push to defend themselves on campus.”

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