Young Americans for Liberty Censored at Creighton University

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth liberty organization—is facing an ongoing censorship issue at Creighton University in Nebraska. YAL chapter members recently carried “Print Guns, Not Money” posters on campus, but the administration forced them to stop because the posters showed images of guns. One of YAL’s regional directors was even escorted off campus for carrying such a sign.

When YAL’s chapter leader at Creighton, Mason Wood, attempted to submit the proper paperwork to table on campus, the school again forced him to either cover all images of guns on the posters or go through a rigorous “Controversial Event” approval process. Creighton’s administration has consistently thought-policed YAL student activists at the expense of free speech.

Below is a statement from JP Kirby, YAL’s director of student rights:

“It’s surprising to me that institutions such as Creighton that claim to be places of higher learning can take themselves seriously while censoring and chilling student speech in this way. While the Second Amendment remains one of the top political issues in the country, Creighton’s administration acts like its students are children—unable to handle the image of a common firearm or know how to speak about issues without permission from a bureaucrat. We at YAL trust our students as the free-thinking adults they are and we support their rights to share their beliefs with others.”


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