YAL Celebrates Passage of Iowa House File 68, Fights for School Choice

In light of the Iowa House and Senate passing House File 68 (the Students First Act), Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth liberty organization—is celebrating the advancement of school choice in a state that has long needed it. The Students First Act would go a long way in helping Iowa families cover their private school costs and improve their educational outcomes, and YAL was instrumental in securing the bill’s passage.

In recent days, YAL made more than 5,500 phone calls and sent over 26,000 text messages in support of House File 68, encouraging lawmakers not to amend the bill and ensuring that no anti-school choice amendments were added. When debate began on House File 68 earlier this week, a rule change was passed to prohibit amendments from being added to the bill, due to YAL’s constant pressure. The Iowa victory is part of YAL’s national mobilization on behalf of educational freedom, which is being secured by the organization’s hundreds of Hazlitt members across America.

Below is a statement from Randan Steinhauser, YAL’s National School Choice Director:

“Iowa families will now have the educational freedom they deserve because of the bold leadership of Governor Reynolds and the Iowa legislature. Parents will no longer be forced to send their child to a government-funded school that may not be the right fit. Instead, with their taxpayer dollars, they are now able to fully customize their child’s education. Every student in America deserves this same opportunity.”

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