YAL Secures Vaccine Mandate Removal at University of Louisiana System

After months of mobilization against the University of Louisiana (UL) System’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth liberty organization—is proud to announce victory. The UL System recently reversed mandates governing the nine member institutions after sustained action by YAL activists, with UL System websites no longer mentioning requirements or exemptions.

YAL student activists, especially University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) Chapter President Carter Rachal, were instrumental in upholding medical freedom and privacy. Rachal circulated an anti-mandate petition that garnered over 350 signatures, while 10 different members of YAL’s Hazlitt Coalition—the growing network of more than 320 pro-liberty lawmakers from over 40 states—also contacted UL System President Jim Henderson, pressuring him to strike down the vaccine mandate. Learning about the popular petition and hearing from Hazlitt members on a regular basis, Henderson ultimately decided to strike down the policy, benefitting nearly 100,000 students in the process.

Across America, YAL will continue to mobilize against the opponents of medical freedom and privacy—campus by campus. The organization recently helped reverse a similar vaccine mandate at the University of Maine System, while the UL System win marks YAL’s 130th Student Rights Campaign victory to date.

Below is a statement from YAL Director of Student Rights JP Kirby:

“The YAL chapter at ULL understands that mandates such as this have exposed students to Orwellian tracking apps and medical discrimination since 2020. The chapter president, Carter Rachal, was out on campus every day for weeks to build a movement on campus that opened the door to these changes. Fortunately, our students and Hazlitt representatives don’t back down from bureaucrats who dance away from accountability. Carter’s and his team’s efforts have not only brought freedom to his classmates at the Lafayette campus, but to all of the students at University of Louisiana System schools.”


J.P. Kirby, Director of Free Speech
JP Kirby is the Director of Student Rights for Young Americans for Liberty. He has helped restore the rights of millions of American college students during his time at YAL.

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