Young Americans for Liberty Celebrates Passage of Constitutional Carry in Alabama

YAL executed hundreds of thousands of voter calls, door knocks, and mailers to expand gun rights

Austin, TX — Today, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth liberty organization—officially came out in celebration of Constitutional Carry in Alabama, where the bill officially passed the House of Representatives after years of failed efforts. For the first time ever, Constitutional Carry is now set to pass the Alabama State Senate and become law, marking a major victory for liberty at the state level—a victory that would not have been possible without YAL’s efforts.

YAL has been directly involved in Alabama since last year, calling voters, knocking on doors, and distributing mailers that make the case for the Second Amendment. Over the last year, YAL activists made more than 133,000 calls to voters, knocked on over 36,000 doors, and distributed nearly 52,000 mailers. They also executed more than 3,000 patch-throughs to elected officials, directly engaging with Alabama policymakers to ensure the passage of Constitutional Carry. Their efforts were a resounding success, with the legislation—titled House Bill 272—making state history.

Alabama is only the latest on a long list of YAL’s pro-liberty victories. To date, the organization’s Hazlitt Coalition—a growing network of more than 170 pro-liberty legislators from nearly 40 states—has helped enact constitutional carry in Kentucky, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Texas, and Utah. In the process, tens of millions of pro-gun Americans are now freer than ever before.

“The effort to pass Constitutional Carry began in Alabama 17 years ago,” said Rep. Andrew Sorrell, the bill’s sponsor and a YAL Hazlitt member. “For the last four years, I’ve been privileged to play an important part in advancing this legislation in the Alabama House. Last year, my bill passed out of Committee for the first time ever. This year, working closely with Rep. Stringer, we were able to get this bill passed overwhelmingly in the Alabama House. I hope the Senate and Governor take swift action on this bill, which will restore an important Constitutional right to the people of Alabama.”

“The right to keep and bear arms is one of our most sacred American values,” said YAL CEO Lauren Daugherty. “Here at Young Americans for Liberty, we are proud to defend the Second Amendment and champion Constitutional Carry bills, such as this one in Alabama.”

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