YAL Urges “No” Vote on Herrero Amendment to Texas House Budget

With Governor Greg Abbott making school choice a top priority in Texas, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth liberty organization—is speaking out against the opponents of educational freedom in the Texas House of Representatives. Despite YAL’s mobilization statewide in recent months, Democrats and even some Republicans are trying to undermine school choice ahead of today’s budget debate, with state Rep. Abel Herrero filing a budget amendment that would block funds for a school choice program in Texas.

YAL is now urging all Texans to voice their opposition to the Herrero amendment by contacting their state legislators, who should be on the side of parents and students. The organization has invested heavily in leading a national school choice movement since January, and is spending the majority of those resources on the school choice fight in its home state of Texas.

Below is a statement from YAL Chief Strategy Officer Brendan Steinhauser:

“Democrats and progressive Republicans in the Texas House are coordinating an anti-school choice effort this week. State Rep. Abel Herrero, a Democrat, has filed an amendment to the budget that would prohibit any money from going to a school choice program in Texas. YAL is urging all Texans to call their representatives and tell them to vote no on the Herrero amendment to the budget.”