Free Speech is NOT Dead in California

In a major upset, the Student Rights Campaign (SRC) has scored its LARGEST Free Speech victory!

The California University System’s Board of Regents attempted to implement an anti-free speech policy that would have controlled posts that students made online, effectively censoring their speech

Through the efforts of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) activists, a petition was circulated, and mass emails bearing the signatures of students opposing the policy were sent to board members. 

When the time came for the meeting to vote on the policy, student activists flooded the public comment section, demanding that the board respect the freedom of speech of its student body

As a result of our efforts, the anti-free speech measure failed gloriously, and we successfully defended the rights of over 280,000 students across 10 universities! 

This particular victory was also unique in that it was the SRC’s first defensive victory, successfully defeating an unconstitutional policy before it was even implemented! This win is a demonstrable example of SRC’s proactive approach to defending the rights of students on campus. 

This success is another in a long line of victories secured by the Student Rights Campaign, proving once again its effectiveness and commitment to defending liberty on college campuses across the country. 

Since 2021, we have restored the rights to 2,467,480 students nationwide and changed 154 campus policies. While this victory was a major success, SRC is nowhere near finished, and will continue in its mission to defend and restore the constitutional rights of students across the country.


By Eric Madden

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