Join YAL’s Hazlitt Action Program

The Hazlitt Action Program uses grassroots tactics such as phone banking and canvassing to advance YAL’s legislative goals. This is NOT a volunteer position – this is a full-time job, that lasts for the duration of the legislative campaign. This is an opportunity to dive headfirst into the grassroots lobbying world, serve as a real field staffer, meet lifelong friends, and travel the country.

Hazlitt Action applications will be considered on a rolling basis. The position involves relocating to one of our many deployment sites. Training will be conducted on-site and team members will work with fellow liberty activists to achieve their goals.

You will be provided:

  • Full-time hourly pay
  • 100% Free Housing
  • All gas provided

We want to ensure we have the best talent pool possible to fight for our pro-liberty legislative agenda and we are willing to do what it takes to ensure we win.

If you’re ready for the experience, apply below.


Just the abbreviation.

Just the abbreviation.

Not sure which year or semester? That's okay; just estimate, and you can update us later.