Laken Riley Act Petition

The State of Georgia currently limits legally responsible firearm owners from carrying a Firearm on Campus. Constitutional Carry is Currently legal in the State of Georgia for Adults above 21 years of age.

The right to Self Defense does not end in at the campus property line. In the wake of the devastating Laken Riley death on Georgia campuses, the heart-wrenching reality of such tragedies hits close to home. In moments like these, the right to self-defense with firearms isn’t just a legal debate; it’s about the very essence of human survival. It’s about the ability to protect oneself, loved ones, and fellow students from imminent danger.

The Second Amendment isn’t just about guns; it’s about ensuring individuals have a fighting chance against evil. Tragically, gun-free zones often serve as easy targets for criminals, leaving law-abiding citizens defenseless. We cannot ignore the moral imperative to empower individuals to defend themselves and others in the face of danger. The death of Laken Riley serves as a stark reminder of the harsh reality we confront: evil exists, and it strikes without warning. Advocating for the right to self-defense with firearms isn’t about promoting violence; it’s about preserving life and dignity in the most dire of circumstances.

As we grapple with the aftermath of such senseless violence, let empathy and compassion guide our conversations. Let’s stand together to ensure that no one feels powerless in the face of evil and that every life is valued and protected. We hereby petition the Georgia State Assembly to Legalize Campus Carry in Georgia so that Georgia colleges can help prevent tragic losses like this from happening ever again.

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