Don’t Trust the Government Poster


The United States of America was founded on a clearly delineated system of federalism in which powers are split between the federal government and the state governments. Throughout our relatively short history, however, the federal government has continuously encroached on the rights of its citizens. From the eugenics movement which sought to eradicate undesirable traits by way of sterilization, to the Indian Removal Act of 1830, to tens of thousands of Americans having their privacy rights violated by way of the Patriot Act, the government has become bigger and more centralized than ever before. Without the protection of individual rights, governments quickly become authoritarian. Interview transcripts from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction show that for nearly two decades, government officials outwardly lied to the American people about U.S. intervention in Afghanistan. Similarly, our government lied about Vietnam, lied about coronavirus shutdowns, and continues to censor and incarcerate those who have committed victimless crimes.

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Don't Trust the Government Poster

24" x 18" Foam Core Sign, 11" x 17" Poster Paper Sign