Make Orwell Fiction Again Poster


George Orwell’s novels, specifically Animal Farm and 1984, exemplify the infeasibility and dangers of socialism. In the aforementioned novel, a group of animals launch a rebellion against their owner, attempting to create a freer and more equal society. Ultimately, their insurrection fails and a dictatorship is reinstated. The collective is prioritized over the individual, leading to unjustified punishment, violence, and death. Orwell anticipated a dystopian state and his novels served as a harbinger for our government’s current direction. Making Orwell fiction again is a slogan that represents our desire to rid the country of totalitarianism, misinformation, and historical revisionism.

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Make Orwell Fiction Again Poster

24" x 36" Foam Core Sign, 11" x 17" Foam Core Sign, 11" x 17" Poster Paper Sign