Tennessee Victory: Self-Defense on Campus in the Volunteer State

The Student Rights Campaign (SRC) is having an extremely successful year in 2024. 


Following an amazing win for free speech in California, SRC has scored a victory for the right to self-defense for students on college campuses in Tennessee. 


HB 1909, introduced to the Tennessee House of Representatives by Rep. Gino Bulso and co-sponsored by Hazlitt Coalition members Rep. Kip Capley and Rep. Elaine Davis, specified that “it is not a criminal offense for an adult person to carry or possess pepper spray, a taser, or another similar device for purposes of self-defense when on property owned, operated, or in use by any college or university board of trustees, regents, or directors for the administration of any public or private educational institution,” further adding that it “prohibits the adoption of a policy by a college, university, or other educational institution prohibiting an adult person” from carrying any of the weapons identified for the purposes of self-defense. 


Introduced in January, the bill was deliberated for months, finally being signed into law by Governor Bill Lee on April 23.  


This policy win resulted from a long fight conducted by SRC, having initiated its campaign for student self-defense rights on October 26, 2022, lasting one year and five months. 839 petitions were delivered and 624 calls were made to Tennessee legislators during its entirety.   


Once again, SRC has proven its efficacy and dedication to defending liberty on college campuses nationwide. 


Since 2021, we have restored the rights to 2,529,363 students nationwide and changed 176 campus policies. 


With this successful campaign notched into its belt, SRC continues steadfast in its mission, currently conducting other fights for the constitutional rights of students in America. 


This article was written by Eric Madden, Copywriter & Editor at Young Americans for Liberty

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