Young Americans for Liberty Frees Two Million Students Across America

YAL’s Student Rights Campaigns end mask and vaccine mandates, remove pepper spray bans, defend free speech, and more

Austin, TX — Today, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth liberty organization—announced a major milestone for its Student Rights Campaigns (SRCs) taking place across America. Mobilizing thousands of student activists on behalf of freedom, YAL has officially liberated more than two million students on college campuses around the country.

Pushing back against a wide range of unfair, anti-liberty policies, YAL has successfully ended mask and vaccine mandates, removed pepper spray bans, and defended free speech on college campuses across America. The organization’s student activists were particularly active at Indiana University, the University of Alabama Huntsville, and the University of Maine in recent months. Most recently, YAL pushed for body cameras on police officers at the University of South Florida, ensuring that campus law enforcement is held accountable to students.

“By freeing over two million students from unjust administrative policies, Young Americans for Liberty’s Student Rights Campaigns have demonstrated the vital importance of fighting for individual freedom and protecting the rights of all students,” said JP Kirby, YAL’s Director of Student Rights. “Students should not be treated like second-class citizens on campus—college students are adults and deserve to be treated accordingly. I am proud of our student activists for fighting for their rights.”

J.P. Kirby, Director of Free Speech
JP Kirby is the Director of Student Rights for Young Americans for Liberty. He has helped millions of students restore their liberties on campus.

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