YAL Celebrates Constitutional Carry Win in Nebraska

With Governor Jim Pillen signing Constitutional Carry into law, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth liberty organization—is proud to celebrate yet another win for gun rights. While the legislation (LB 77) isn’t perfect, YAL’s national push to reaffirm the Second Amendment has received a significant boost with its signing in Nebraska.

In recent months, YAL student activists knocked more than 1,000 doors, made nearly 18,000 phone calls, and sent over 20,000 text messages in support of LB 77, building the grassroots momentum that pushed the bill across the finish line. Although the final product does contain flawed provisions such as the “duty to inform,” which requires Nebraskans to disclose the presence of their firearms to law enforcement officials, YAL’s involvement ensured that Constitutional Carry did indeed become a reality in the state.

Below is a statement from Bethany Young, YAL’s Grassroots Director:

“Self-defense is the natural right of every individual. The data shows over and over again that when folks are able to defend themselves, they are safer. Nebraskans should be proud that their state has joined more than half of the country in adopting this common-sense self-defense legislation. This is a great thing for the Cornhusker State.”

Bethany Young is the Grassroots Director at Young Americans for Liberty.
Bethany Young is the Grassroots Director at Young Americans for Liberty.

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