YAL Secures School Choice Provision in Indiana State Budget

Today, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth liberty organization—is proud to announce that the final draft of Indiana’s state budget officially features a school choice provision. Fully expecting Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb to sign the budget, YAL worked around the clock to include school vouchers into the state budget, on behalf of parents and students.

Education reform was made possible by state Rep. Zach Payne, who is a member of YAL’s Hazlitt Coalition—the growing network of more than 320 pro-liberty legislators from over 40 states. Rep. Payne filed a universal school choice bill (HB 1613) that passed the Indiana House of Representatives this legislative session, but was ultimately killed by teachers unions and their allies in government. Yet he not did stop fighting for school choice, choosing instead to work with House leadership and secure vouchers that are nearly universal. Rep. Payne’s school choice provision directly benefits more than one million students, not to mention their parents.

Below is a statement from YAL National School Choice Director Randan Steinhauser:

“Indiana has long been a leader in supporting educational freedom and with the expansion of the existing school choice program, even more students will benefit from school choice. This is a step in the right direction to pass universal school choice, which would allow every single student the freedom to choose the best learning environment. We’re proud of Rep. Zach Payne, a member of the YAL Hazlitt Coalition, for his unwavering support of educational freedom and for being a leader in this effort.”

Randan Steinhauser is YAL’s National School Choice Director. She lives in Texas with her family, and has worked on the School Choice Revolution for years.

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